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Anyone Can Be Sued! Download our Personal Umbrella Sell Sheet

 Today, Anyone Could Be Sued. Do You Offer Umbrella to 
all Clients, Even if They Don't Fit the Typical "Package"?

We have great stand-alone options for specialty accounts.

Many people still think only the rich get sued. It's now more important than ever for any homeowner (even those with a specialtydwelling or mobile home policy) to have adequate liability coverage. There are lawsuits filed against everyday people stemming from family pets, youthful drivers, moments of negligence and even honest mistakes.

But what if your client doesn't have that "perfect package"? We can quote stand-alone Personal Umbrella coverage, as well as other Personal Liability products. We don't even need to write the underlying policy!

Personal Umbrella Sell Sheet

Use this flyer to help your clients see the value in adding Personal Umbrella coverage. Unlike wealth or asset worksheets, it shows how every day people are getting caught up in today's litigation-happy society.  We can even customize it for your agency and send out prints! Email marketing@cgains.com for details.

Questions? Contact our Personal Lines Team for details.