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Holiday Highlights: Home-Based Biz, Renters & Personal Umbrella

Bring on the Holidays! Check out these three easy-to-write programs we see an up-tick in this time of year:

Crafters & Etsy Sellers

Now is the time of year to visit holiday craft fairs and shop online for hand-crafted gifts, so there are many opportunities! Check out our Home-Based Business Program, which can be written for over 140 types of home businesses. 



Renters Insurance

The number of renters in the US is nearing an all-time high, but only about 40% have renters insurance. We can help you protect their personal property, including all of the Christmas gifts they're currently out buying! We write this coverage in our Condo Owners & Renters Insurance Program. 


Personal Umbrella

The holidays are the last time you want your clients to stress over a potential liability claim! We write Stand-Alone Personal Umbrella to help you offer this valuable coverage for any client, even when it's not available as part of a traditional package.