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NEW: Online Claims Submission Form & Company Directory

You Asked, We Listened! 

Summer storms are starting to roll in across Concorde's territory, and with these storms come additional claims volume. Our dedicated Claims Administrator can assist you and your clients through the claims process on any Concorde policy with any company! However, a common agent request was more access to claims resources after business hours. We've added the following options to our website to better support you and your clients:

Online Claim Submission Form

Agents and policyholders can now enter your First Notice of Loss right on our website. This form provides a time-stamped confirmation email and allows you to share details of the loss, including uploading photos! 


Company Claims Directory

Many of Concorde's carrier partners also have claims centers with hours that extend beyond Concorde's business hours, some even 24/7! We've compiled a list of company contact information and websites so that you have these options at your fingertips as well. 


If you have any questions on new or existing claims, please contact our Claims Team for assistance.