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Carrier: American Reliable Insurance Company

A.M. Best Rating: A XIII

To help you make quick work of Contractor accounts, including walk-ins, we've launched an admitted peteRATER Artisan Contractor program. Here you can quote & bind General Liability & Inland Marine coverages online for 30+ classes. Program open to all Concorde contracted agencies.

Quote Demo & Program Overview

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Program Highlights

New Lower Rates! 

If you haven't quoted this program in some time, consider requoting with lower rates in effect on many classes. New rates are effective now for all states except Minnesota, where new rates will be effective in April 2018.

Self-Service Now:

• All Quotes are Admitted
GL and Contractors Equipment Coverages Available
30+ Classes Eligible, including a Remodelers endorsement
• Ability to Select Multiple Class Codes
• Remodeler Endorsement automatically applied to many common classes
• Print your Certificate of Insurance immediately after binding!
Direct Bill with Payment Options Available - Choice of full payor EFT installments (30% down + 9 payments)
Digital/Electronic Policies for ease of transfer, searching and storage
• Experienced Underwriter Support a Phone Call Away
• Availability - Primary Business Locations in IA, MN, MT, ND, SD  

Time & Money Saved Later:

Automated Renewal Process
• 12% Commission
(New & Renewal) 

Program Overview & Class List 

Rating Options

Available in the Following States