Monoline or Package Coverage Options for Bars & Restaurants

Carrier: Various Carriers Available

Specialty Program for Local Taverns, Neighborhood Bars, Sports Bars & Restaurants


  • Property in town (PC 1-7)
  • Up to 100% liquor sales
  • No drink specials
  • DJs, live bands or other entertainment up to 2x/week
  • 1 FT employee other than the owner (if requesting Work Comp)
  • Establishments that do not cater to the college age crowd
  • Receipts up to $1,000,000
  • Limited cooking with approved fire protection
  • Dance floors up to 650 square feet
  • No security or bouncers
  • 3 years ownership / management experience

New Ventures Considered!

• We serve Shots (Monoline) or Mixed Drinks (Package)!
• GL & Liquor: Defense is outside of the limits
• A Rated Carriers with a history of writing taverns
• Property up to $1 Million – we include equipment breakdown
• Special form & Replacement Cost available
• Assault & Battery Available
• $1M/$2M General Liability & Liquor Liability limits available
• Excess Liability up to $5,000,000 (excludes liquor)
• Cyber Liability Options - Bars handle patron names, credit/debit card numbers & driver’s license numbers on a regular basis!

Available in the Following States