High Value Homeowners - Various Syndicates!

Carrier: Lloyd's

A.M. Best Rating: A XV

Through our long-time Lloyd's broker, Bell & Clements, we connect you with key Lloyd’s Syndicates specializing in High Value Homeowners, including Hiscox, AmTrust & Brit. In this program we can consider any risk valued at $500,000 or above, including seasonals, vacants, rentals and even short-term rentals. We also have the flexibility to write high value homes undergoing renovations and new construction

Program Highlights

  • Home Values $500,000 - $20 Million (Monitored alarm system required for values $1 Million and up)
  • Homes usually written on an HO3 form. Exceptions include Condos (HO6) and Vacant or Tenant Occupied homes (DP3). 
  • Homes over 30 years of age eligible with full updates completed or planned for plumbing, heating, wiring and roofing. 
  • For builders risk, renovation or new construction, Course of Construction endorsements are added and can be removed when construction is complete - no need to rewrite!  Work must be done by a professional licensed & insured contractor.
  • Liability Limits up to $1 Million
  • Quotes based on TIV - Total Insured Value for Coverages A-D
Recent Accounts We've Written:

Seasonal Home Renovation
Linda has owned a seasonal home for the past 57 years and wanted to update, as there was previous mold damage. The home was completely gutted and rebuilt along with the guest home being completely remodeled by her contractor. All systems were fully updated in the process (plumbing, heating, wiring and roofing). Linda received Homeowners (HO3) coverage with Course of Construction endorsements attached and a Replacement cost of $550,000.

Lengthy Building Process
Vickie started building her $3 million home in 2014. She had a policy with Zurich, but they would not renew past the third term. She is very meticulous and many of her items are coming from overseas. She received an HO3 quote with Course of Construction endorsements attached.

High Value Vacant Remodel
Douglas has been remodeling a home he purchased a year ago and his current carrier is not able to increase coverage A to the limits required of $520,000. The renovation project will be complete in a few months, and at that time they may place it on the market. Douglas was offered Homeowners (HO3) coverage with Course of Construction and Vacancy endorsements.

Submission Requirements

For additional information, contact:

Julie Berns
Senior Underwriter
800.726.1611 ext. 8946

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