Aegis General Portal Vacant Dwelling (DP-1)

Carrier: Aegis Security Insurance Company

A.M. Best Rating: A VI

The Aegis General Portal now connects Concorde agents to the Aegis Dwelling product in AZ, CO & OR! Aegis’s Vacant program offers a Dwelling Basic (DP-1) form for accounts including homes under renovation, manufactured homes, homes for sale (less than 1 year on the market), homes in the name of an estate, trust, business or LLC, Properties in between tenants or real estate closings, and standalone residential dwellings in rural parts of the state.

What differentiates Aegis?

  • Age of Home – All are acceptable
  • Protection Class – All are acceptable
  • Occupancies – Vacant, Under Renovation
  • Renewal Policies – Automatically offered
  • Liability Coverage – May be excluded
  • Policy Term – 3, 6 or 9 month terms available
  • Value – Up to $500,000 TIV, $300,000 Coverage A
  • Optional Coverages – Earthquake, V&MM

Full Underwriting Guidelines are available to download in the Aegis General Portal under the Help Section.


AGP Dwelling Vacant Product Overview
AGP Dwelling Quoting Guide

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