Special Events

Carrier: USLI

A.M. Best Rating: A++ IX

The Main Event - An Event Isn’t Perfect Without the Right Insurance

The peace of mind during the management of a special picnic, parade, car show, concert or other event, that an insurance policy can provide, goes a long way. Concerns about volunteers, temporary workers or committee members, are alleviated knowing that they will automatically be protected during the event. USLI wants to cover your customer’s one-day, multi-day or annual events that have up to 10,000 attendees.

Regardless of the type of event, accidents happen. Don’t let your customer’s event be remembered for an accident; make sure they have the right insurance in place!

The Host - Specifically Designed for Special Events Featuring Host Liquor Liability Exposures when Purchased with General Liability

When general liability is purchased through us for your customer’s event, consider promoting liquor liability coverage on the same policy through USLI’s The Host product. Perfect for special events featuring host liquor liability exposures, this product has separate limits for general liability and host liquor liability, no deductible and coverage for damage to rented premises.

Low-hazard events can be protected with rain date coverage, set-up/take-down coverage and more. Where alcohol is involved, anything can happen. Don’t let your customers host such an event without considering this important insurance.

*Liquor Liability not available in Iowa.

Wedding Plus

Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a couple’s day special. From the dress to the food, we know your customer wants everything perfect. Insurance might be the last thing on their minds during the planning process, but it should be the first! Give the gift of peace of mind to your customers as they plan their wedding. On a day when nobody wants anything to go wrong, you can make sure it turns out right.

USLI's Wedding Plus product includes many critical coverages to ensure you have peace of mind during your special day. This product include coverage for property damage to the rented banquet facility, medical payments coverage in case a guest falls and food/beverage product liability in the event a guest gets sick from the food.

Why Coverage is Important:

  • Up to three additional insureds allowed for no additional charge, including the banquet hall facility owner
  • Rehearsal date can be included for no additional charge
  • Medical payments coverage and food/beverage product liability included

*Liquor Liability not available in Iowa. 

The Long Shot - Prize Indemnication Coverage for Hole-in-One Contests

Hole-in-one contests are a great way to add revenue to any charity golf tournament at little cost. In addition to offering liability coverage on the golf outing as a whole, USLI offers unlimited prize restoration for hole-in-one contests up to $50,000 per hole.

If a hole-in-one is made, an additional 20 percent of the prize value will be paid to the hosting charity.

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