Write Small Artisan Contractor GL On Demand -
Online Quote & Bind + Automatic, No Audit Renewals

Concorde designed the admitted peteRATER Artisan Contractor Program to help agents quote & bind General Liability for 30+ Classes of Artisan Contractors on the spot with little to no maintenance later. If you get walk-ins who need to get on the job now, they can walk out of your office with coverage and a Certificate of Insurance in hand!  

Program open to all Concorde contracted agencies.

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Program Highlights

Self-Service Now:

  • Contractor's GL Coverage, Fully Written Online - All Quotes Admitted
  • Print your Certificate of Insurance immediately after binding!
  • Direct Bill with Payment Options Available - Full Pay or EFT Installments (30% Down + 9 payments)
  • Minimum Premiums as low as $400 with No Fees or Taxes
  • Ability to Select Multiple Class Codes with rating based on the highest rated class only.
    Account rating is based on Total Payroll (Owner's Payroll + Employee Payroll). 
  • Digital/Electronic Policies for ease of transfer, searching and storage.
  • Experienced Underwriter Support a Phone Call Away!
  • Availability - Primary Business Locations in IA, MN, MT, ND, SD

Save Time & Money Later:

  • Automated Renewal Process
  • 12% Commission (New & Renewal) 

Target Accounts:

  • 30+ Classes Eligible  
  • 1 or 2 person operations preferred 
  • Skilled contractors with over 3 years of experience in their trade
  • No prior claims
  • No more than 5% subcontracted work

Yes, these are the accounts that anyone will write, but we make it faster and easier! 

Contact our Signature Solutions team for program details or quoting assistance.

Quote Now in peteRATER   Request Access


For quoting assistance or to talk through any account or program, call Concorde's Signature Solutions Team at 800-726-1611 ext. 8975 or email signaturesolutions@cgains.com