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Online Quick Quoting for Apartments

Great Lakes Apartment Product

Concorde created this product to provide an option for some of the most hard-to-place accounts. There are certain exposures many companies won't consider, including older buildings, lower occupancy, and student or subsidized housing, so we created a specialty product to write just that!  See how in the 2-minute video demo below. This is just one of the MANY Apartment options available through Concorde!

Product Guide   Online Quick Quote   Habitational Supplement

Ready to Quote? 
Complete an Online Quick Quote, and submit the Quick Quote spreadsheet, completed Acords, Concorde's Habitational Supplement & 3 years loss runs to newbusiness@cgains.com.

Questions? Contact your Concorde Commercial Agency Bill Underwriter at 1-800-726-1611 ext. 8994.

Additional Apartment Products