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Ensure Access & Security for Your Team Members

Concorde is Updating our Login Process

We want to proactively help agencies make this transition as seamless as possible. Later this year we are implementing an update of our agent login method on both cgains.com and the Concorde Agent Portal, which will include Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  

How You Can Be Ready

To ensure a smooth transition we ask that each agent or employee accessing Concorde's systems register for a unique Concorde username and password, and that passwords are not shared within agencies. Requesting a new account, updating an existing account or terminating an old account is easy! Use the link below to submit our secure online form. 

Access Requests

Even More Benefits!!

In addition to being ready for upcoming enhancements, there are many benefits to ensuring all team members in your office who work with Concorde are set up individually with Concorde agent access.  

  • Increased Security - Sharing passwords, even with trusted business partners, creates increased risk of unauthorized access and security breaches, which puts your policyholders, your agency, Concorde, and our carrier partners at risk. 
  • Increased Efficiency - With shared accounts, login issues due to individuals resetting passwords without communicating with their team are both common and frustrating. 
  • Easy Transition to Multi-Factor Authentication - Shared accounts also create challenges for receiving MFA codes. As part of the financial services industry, MFA is not only now required by many of our carrier partners, but it's also simply the right thing to do. 
  • Access Options for Unlicensed Team Members - Gone are the days where only licensed employees can request access. We now have options for unlicensed employees to get access to account quoting, payments, servicing, and claims.  
  • Prevents Access Interruptions - By having access set up for all team members, an agency is not at risk of losing access during staffing changes. 
  • Access to New Quoting & Servicing Options as They're Available 

For more information on access options or questions on getting set up, please contact:

Melanie Elsner
Business Development Manager

1.800.726.1611 ext. 8923 | 701.373.8923 ‐ Direct