Important Updates to Concorde's peteRATER

Important features have been added to make your experience using Concorde’s p.e.t.e. Rater to quote, compare and bind online even more convenient. [Read More]

Rental vs. Renters Insurance – The Perfect 2-for-1!

The housing market has changed greatly in the past few years, with many home owners becoming novice landlords by renting out a home they can’t sell. That changes their insurance needs. They will be relying on you, their agent, to provide and explain the coverage appropriate for a home now marketed… [Read More]

Three Reasons to Quote a Stand-Alone Boat Policy

January and February are big months for boat shows. If your customer asks you to just add his new boat to his homeowners policy, be sure to explain what is, and is not, covered. Valuation With a homeowners endorsement, there is likely a cap which is well below the boat’s… [Read More]

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