We'll Find a Way.

Core Focus – Vision/Mission

Purpose/Cause/Passion: First Choice, First-Class Experience
People helping people, delivering specialty insurance solutions that put lives back together.

Our Niche: We connect agents with Property & Casualty insurance solutions, one relationship at a time.

Core Values

More than just a mission, vision or ideal, these values are the core of who we are and what we do. 

Trusted Partners

If you're looking for a reliable, dependable partner who keeps their promises, you can count on us. By striving to do what is right and maintaining a culture of professionalism, we maintain the trust and respect of agents and insurers.

Relationships Matter

We understand that each interaction is a chance to strengthen relationships. By actively listening, asking questions and going the extra mile, we hope to earn your business and the opportunity to be your first call for new accounts.

Purposeful Lifelong Learning 

In order to provide greater value to our stakeholders, Concorde believes that every team member must continue to learn and grow professionally. We continually look for opportunities for growth in skills and knowledge.

Commitment to Excellence

Every day, for every agent, carrier and policyholder, it is our goal to provide an exceptional customer experience by holding true to our motto: We’ll Find a Way. 

Servant Leadership

We believe that we can accomplish so much more when we are inspired by a purpose beyond ourselves. We are all leaders who strive to act as selfless mentors.