We Want to be Your First Call for Contractor Accounts of All Sizes

With our wide variety of carriers, we can place anything from a handyman to a large or high-hazard account. We also welcome General Contractors, especially those who sub out 100% of work. Contractors are our #1 commercial class for a reason, and our Underwriters can talk you through options available to help save you time.

For details on what we are writing or to discuss a specific account, contact our Commercial Excess & Surplus Lines Team.  Please send all applications, supplementals and requests to submissions@cgains.com.

Contractors Supplemental Application*
*For full functionality, please download the app to your computer prior to completing.

Contractors General Liability & Tools/Equipment (Inland Marine) Coverage Available for:

  • General Contractors - including 100% sub-contracted work
  • Custom Home Builders
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • Artisan Contractors 
  • Snow Removal Contractors
  • Roofers
  • Welders
  • Contractors Working Around Water (work with docks, boats, etc)
  • And many more!

Meet Our Underwriters

Tricky Contractor Classes

Tricky Contractor Classes We Write

Sarah Lundeen & Dawn Leier talk about some of the tricky contractor classes we routinely help agents write in Concorde's Commercial Excess & Surplus Lines division.


Contractor Submissions Tips & Tricks

Contractor Submissions Tips & Tricks

Jamie Morlock & Elizabeth Tengler of Concorde's Commercial Excess & Surplus Lines division share some tips to help agents get the quickest turn around on their contractor submissions AND show how to utilize our new online Contractor Supplemental App



peteRATER Artisan Contractor Program

Online Quote, Pay, Bind for Small Contractor Accounts! Our admitted peteRATER Artisan Contractor program offers a Fast & Easy way to quote & bind General Liability & Inland Marine coverages online for 30+ Classes.  

Program is open to all Concorde contracted agencies through our Signature Solutions Division.

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