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5 Scenarios Where Just the Basics Dwelling Just Makes Sense

The Personal Lines market is messy right now!  If you're tired of lengthy processes and post-bind tasks to write a simple Dwelling Fire policy, you're not alone. Concorde designed the Just the Basics Dwelling product with the goal of making writing these accounts as simple as possible. Let's explore five common situations where it simply makes sense to quote Concorde's Just the Basics Dwelling product:

1. When Your Account has Underwriting Challenges

If claims history has become a hurdle with other carriers, don't worry! The Just the Basics Dwelling Product is designed to accomodate accounts with up to three claims totaling $75,000 or less.

We also realize that life happens, and so do lapses in coverage. Whether due to oversight or unforeseen circumstances, Just the Basics accommodates these situations, with no proof of prior coverage needed.

We also recognize that not every property is in pristine condition, and that's perfectly fine. Just the Basics accepts properties with condition issues or unrepaired damage without the need for painting the house or completing renovations, providing a hassle-free solution.

We also run no credit scoring these accounts and accept all protection classes, property ages and nearly any construction type. 

2. When You Have a Unique Property

Just the Basics's broad eligibility ensures a wide variety of property types can be covered. If your account is a short-term rental (AirBnB, VRBO, etc.) or has a unique construction type like container homes, shouse/barndominimum, yurts, dome homes or straw bale homes, the Just the Basics Dwelling product can accomodate that. We also routinely write mobile/manufactured homes, dwellings undergoing renovation, vacant dwellings and homes written in the name of entities like trusts or LLCs.

3. When Location is a Challenge

Just the Basics Dwelling accepts homes in ALL Protection Classes (1-10)!! We do wildfire score, but many high score locations are still eligible. Electrical on all dwellings must be a minimum of 100 amp service, but many types of rural or remote homes remain eligible.

4. When You're Tired of Remarketing - If it FITS, It SITS!

With Just the Basics, accounts are written online in Concorde's peteRATER+ with little or no follow up. Not only can you pay & bind on the spot in most cases, it's a truly one & done product with:

  • No Photos Required
  • No Inspections
  • Direct Billing to your Policyholder
  • Automatic Renewals

5. When Admitted Markets Are NOT an Option

In today's crazy market, your standard carriers may no longer be writing the accounts they used to. When admitted markets are off the table, Concorde's Just the Basics steps in providing a solution to help you place coverage quickly. Policies can be written online start to finish and are direct billed to your policyholder, just like all other Concorde Personal Lines products.

If this product can help you in today's tough market, we invite you to contact our Personal Lines Team or use the links below to learn more.

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